• Make a Meal. You can feed a Street Boy-$1 US for a meal of meat, rice, beans and a sauce.

  • Hire a Haitian-For every 1 Haitian hired, that Haitian financially cares for 5 other Haitians. For as little as $100 US a month we can fill some of our job openings and see Haitian be given an opportunity to be part of God’s plan for their country and have provision for their families.

  • Share a Space-Help us rent a Home. If all Prayer Partners gave $20 US, we would be able to rent this home near the street boys. Enabling us to have weekly Bible Studies, cook meals on-site, start educational classes and skill development courses plus have an office space for Rev. Bienvenue. 

  • Get a Goat-$50 will enable us to feed our orphans for a month. Our children do not get meat as a regular part of their diet due to budget restraints.

  • Clothe a Child-We have found pre-teen girls without any clothes and are often in need of the basics of underwear, shoes for our orphans. The situation is worse for the street boys. $30 can help us provide one outfit for one child.

  • Wipe away the Thirst-$35 US will fill a water cistern for the House of Hope orphanage.

  • Pick the Propane-$20 US will purchase a propane tank for a week, providing fuel to feed the orphans.

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Once you hold them, and know them by name ... everything changes.

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