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S.W.A.G. Staff

My name is Rev. Jonas Bienvenue. I serve as the Outreach and Evangelism Director of LTLT Ministries International.

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I have been married for two years to my beautiful wife, Jennifer. We do not yet have our own biological children yet but God has given me a lot of spiritual children and youth to care for. With the recent death of my mother, I am also a father figure to two of my sisters.


I know how life is difficult not only for me but for many people, especially at this particular time in Haiti.  


The needs of my people especially the street children and youth are huge.  How I thank God that LTLT Ministries International is doing a spectacular job in Haiti. Even though the street kids do evil things, when they come to Richard’s Refuge, we show them God’s love and see their lives changed. They now avoid the evil things and are breathing better air. They have a hope and a future now.


I invite you to pray with me that God will give us more street boys as well as more supporters  to help them.  By helping these street boys, I know that we can save the whole nation of Haiti. 


I would like to thank everyone who willingly desires to help LTLT Ministries  International establish our program in Haiti and strengthen our efforts to reach the homeless and poorest people of my country.  For me as a pastor, I think it’s one of the greatest definitions of love.  


Thank you so much. Mwen renmen nou nan Jezi


I’m greetings you in Jesus Name of Our Lord and Savior. I’m Mr Félix Davilma, the SWAG school Principal of LTLT Ministries international. I’m so happy to talk a little bit about how it going on with the SWAG school program. We know as believers our success depends on God, for that reason we need to be in prayer constantly. Generally speaking, sometimes everyone hasn’t the same motivation but, if since we started the program school until now we still have the boys coming daily, that’s a great prove of motivation from them, they love the school.


So, it would be important to continue to provide these street children with an education and to ensure that we have sufficient resources to do so. With each street child or youth that is provided with the opportunity to be educated, it gives them the motivation to reject their street life and gangster activities. It shows them that they are smart enough to choose a better future for themselves and for our country.


Please consider in our efforts to provide hope for these homeless children and youth.  


Thank you all

Hello everyone. My name is Petit Samuel Saintil, I’m working as a teacher for LTLT ministries international. I appreciate what I’m doing with the streets boys but my deepest desire is to that we can reach the 6th grade with the boys. May God bless you.


My name is Marie Irène Elismé. My job in LTLT is to clean up the house. I’m always doing my job with a joyful heart. Every time that I see the boys I’m thinking about my three kids that I am raising without a husband. Their father does not know anything about them. It’s hard for me and we go through a lot of hard time. For me, LTLT is doing a wonderful job in Haiti helping the homeless people. Be blessed and please pray for me.


My name is Anite Jean Jacques, I’m the cook for Richard’s Refuge. Since I am Haitian, I know how life can be so difficult. This is  why I’m very happy to do my job, serving the boys. Since I am a single mother with a little daughter of my own, I know it can be very hard.  But I also know that it is harder for those streets boys. 


Thank you so much for everything. Please pray for me, my daughter and the SWAG Boys.

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