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Help us change Haiti...

one child at a time.

Set Your Amount

Decide how much your company can afford to donate each month. No amount is too small.


Your donation will help to support us in feeding, caring, loving, and educating our children.

Stay Connected

Every month, you will receive our newsletter with updates on how the children's programs are going.


With donations of $250/month or more, we will promote your company as our sponsor at all of our regular speaking engagements, as well as our website and social media.


Registered Charity

Have peace of mind in knowing that we are a legally-registered charity in both the United States and Canada.



Rest assured knowing that all donations are issued with a CRA-compliant receipt.


Offline Donations

We want to make it easy for you to make your impact. If cheques are better for you, we're happy to accommodate!

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