Vision: Holistic Transformational Family care: equip the family, empower the child, engage the community and experience change of an entire country.

  1. To transition at- risk children from the streets of Haiti, out of human slavery and institutions and returned to biological families or placed with foster families.

  2. To provide support services that equip the family, empower the child, engage the community and help change the country.

  • Equip the family to break the cycle of poverty through education, economic strengthening, income generation and life skills counseling. (Development of spiritual mentoring and discipling relationships that help further strengthen and sustain the family, minimizing separation.)

  • Empower the child to reach full spiritual, emotional, mental, social and academic potential. (Equip and empower the next generation and raise up leaders who will bring about change with integrity and the message of the Gospel.)

  • Engage the community in awareness of needs of children and motivate to action needed on their well being. (Mobilizing and motivating the Christian community to fulfill God’s call to care for the least of these.)

  • Experience more stability in Haitian society with the support provided for children and their families. (A safe and Christ-centred country in which to heal and reach their full potential.)