Darin & Rev. Tonya Kucey

Co-Founders and President

Darin and Tonya served in full time missionary service in Haiti since early 2013 overseeing the various construction needs throughout the country; schools, homes, medical clinics and churches.  The Kuceys also managed a large Guest House, welcoming mission teams from several countries including the USA, Canada and parts of the Caribbean.  During their years of living in Haiti, the Kuceys increasingly noted some of the thousands of children and youth living and dying on the streets of Haiti.  A growing burdened developed in their hearts to see these children rescued, redeemed and restored. Thus, a vision was birthed for, “Loving the Least of These Ministries Canada” and in 2018 the Kuceys officially changed their focus from building buildings to building lives.

Currently, the Kuceys have been entrusted by the Haitian government to care for 14 abandoned children ranging from 2 to 14 years of age. The Kuceys continue to work with the Haitian government to see more abused, abandoned and at-risk children removed from the streets of Haiti and placed in supportive and secure family environments.  Please pray for the Kuceys as they commit themselves to this ministry of restoration of children’s lives and re-unification of families in Haiti.

Tonya is an ordained elder in the Church of the Nazarene serving as pastor in Nova Scotia, Canada, for 8 years. In addition to her pastoral role she also served as the Canadian Representative on a Global Missions Board from 2007-2012. During this same time frame, she was able to act as both a Team Co-ordinator and Field Co-ordinator for short term mission trips to areas in Canada, Africa and Southeast Asia.

Darin has been involved in the IT industry for over 25 years in various capacities including, program development, consulting, teaching, project management, hardware and software development as well as business owner.


Rosita Harris

Vice Presedent


Rosita Harris, wife and mother of four, is an early childhood educator and former director of Holland College Early Learning Centre in Charlottetown, PEI.  Her passion for children and prayer ministry has led to her involvement with Loving the Least of These Ministries Canada (LTLTMC).  Rosita has been involved with LTLTMC from the beginning and is Vice President of the LTLTMC board of directors. She travels to Port-au-Prince, Haiti, twice a year to support Pastor Tonya and Darin Kucey, founders of LTLTMC, and provide early childhood consultation and educational training to their staff.  Also, Rosita leads mission teams from Canada who are interested in doing short term mission trips with LTLTMC.  It is not by her strength or might that enables her to serve God in this manner.  It's is the Lord working in and through her. "The Lord turned to her/him and said 'Go with the strength you have.'"  Judges 6:14. 

Robert Johnson


Robert is a husband, father and grandfather with close to 39 years’ experience as a printer copier technician. Robert, along with his wife, Colleen, visited Haiti in 2016 where they saw and met Haitian children, working very closely with during their time in the country. Robert states, “Loving the Least of These Ministries Canada is by far one of the best ministries I have been involved in. I am excited to know that hundreds of children will be saved both physically and spiritually. We have been friends with Darin and Tonya for quite a few years. I can honestly say that I know their hearts and passion for missions. In particularly this orphanage now. They are perfectly suited for this. They have been through life's tough times and know hard times. I really believe that they have been handpicked by God for such a time as this.”

Jeanne Clements

Jeanne C.png

Jeanne Clements was born and raised on Prince Edward Island. She has been married for 13 years and is a proud mother of 3 children and 3 stepchildren.  Jeanne became a Christian almost 20 years ago and has a growing passion to be serving in missions in her local community and the world at large.  Jeanne has co-ordinated several global mission trips to Rwanda and had her first visit to Haiti in the Fall of 2016. She returned from this trip greatly impacted and with a huge heart for Haiti.  She went back in April of 2018 and felt God’s leading to be very involved with this much needed new ministry: Loving The Least the These Ministries Canada.  Jeanne shares, “God willing, I plan to be in Haiti often, loving the least of these!”  She holds Isaiah 61:3 as God’s vision and calling for the children of LTLT Ministries Canada, “They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of His splendor” Isaiah 61:3 

John Wood


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John Wood was born in England and married his wife, Kris, in 1965 and soon thereafter, emigrated to Ontario, Canada in 1967.  The Woods have one daughter, 3 grandchildren, 2 great grandsons. In 1974, John felt a call to pastoral ministry and served congregations in Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta.  In 1998, the Wood family moved East to Nova Scotia. Rev. Wood has sensed a growing importance of Missions throughout his years of ministry and is a long term supporter of "Into All The World", and "World Missionary Assistance Plan".


Rev. Tonya Kucey’s message in 2017 to a local church in Pictou opened the eyes of the Woods to the plight of street children, orphans and other at-risk children in Haiti. Rev. Wood states, “When I learned that many were in forced child labour, slaves in fact, that clinched my decision to help. Using the gifts and experience gained over the years by serving on the board of Loving the Least of These Ministries, Canada is one way I'm putting feet to that decision.” 

Robin Aikins



Robin Aikens has his Masters in Business Administration as well as a Bachelor on Science in Engineering. Robin is currently a self-employed CPA, CA and owner of Seeds of Hope Christian Bookstore located in Trenton, Nova Scotia.  Prior to self-employment Robin worked for national and regional accounting firms including time as audit supervisor and computer audit specialist

Accountant for Canadian Nazarene College for eight years. He is a member of the Trenton Church of the Nazarene.

Charlene Campbell


Charlene Campbell, mother and grandmother, has been involved in the health care system in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia for 27 years.  She is also the Missions President of the Trenton Church of the Nazarene where she is able to be actively involved in the Great Commission, having taken many mission trips to share the love of Christ with those in other countries. Charlene. Charlene has known the Kuceys for many years and shares, “The Kuceys are amazing for how they let God work through them in caring for these children. They truly live out the Great Commission and God’s call to love their neighbors near and far.  It is my honor to serve on the Board for this wonderful charity.”

Shauna Johnson

Shauna 2.jpg

Shauna Johnson is a proud wife and mother to three beautiful daughters. Shauna gave her heart to Jesus at 4 years old, but never truly surrendered herself completely to the Lord until 2009. Since this time Shauna has faithfully served her Savior particularly in worship, youth and children’s ministry. She currently is serving as the associate pastor for the Upper Room Mission Church of the Nazarene in Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada. Shauna shares, “As a young girl of 5 I would watch World Vision on the television and one time, I was told by my parents, my heart was so stirred I tried to send a handmade letter with change taped to it in the mail, my parents let me take it to the mailbox. I would pray for the “starving children” every night growing up and at 13 years old I was able to go on my very first missions’ trip to Puebla Mexico where I got to see firsthand what real poverty looked like. I went again the following year, as God placed in me a heart for missions. In my early teens we went on a week- long missions’ trip to our province’s capital city, Halifax. At the age of 19 I went to Grand Cayman Island and at 20 I was able to go to and help at a Mission in New York City. My heart has always remained for the people in most need around the world and in 2017 we were able to hear of the missions trip my Mother and Father-in- law went on to Haiti. Again my heart stirred and after meeting Pastor Tonya and Darin Kucey we knew this was something we needed to involved with and God had called us to partner with. Later that vision became the Loving the Least of These Ministries Canada. I am very hopeful that God has a plan for Haiti and is raising up a generation of children that will lead the way to revival. There are many verses that I love, yet Jeremiah 29:11-13 has always held a place in my heart. We all need hope and to know we are seen and loved by our Heavenly Father, not forgotten, even if by the world. I believe as the children in Haiti gain that understand of their worth and purpose, found and rooted in Christ, they will be an unstoppable force that will transform the nation of Haiti! We reach one life, one child at a time because each one matters to Him. God bless you and may the Lord stir your heart to partner with the vision of a better tomorrow for the children of Haiti, through LTLT. Amen!”