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Or, mail your donation to
Loving The Least of These Ministries Canada
PO Box 89 Trenton NS
B0K 1X0

Donation Information for Tax Receipt purposes

Regarding donating to ICMS for LTLT ministries there are different options available:

  1. By cheque (for USD and CAD donations). This is the best option as it means we only play the 6% Adm fee to ICMS. The other methods we pay 6% and bank fees. PLEASE NOTE:  when paying by cheque please include on a separate piece designation for LTLT Ministries International. DO NOT write the designation on the Memo line of the cheque.

  2. By credit card (for USD and CAD donations, one-time donation or monthly recurring donation can be done online through the ICMS website, by calling the ICMS office, or by mailing in a donation request form) These forms are available upon request.

  3. By pre-authorized debit (for CAD donations ONLY, done by mailing or emailing a request form and void cheque.

  4. To make credit card donations online (visa or Mastercard), our link on the website.



International Christian Mission Services

Box 24 Stn. A, Abbotsford, BC V2T 6Z4
Phone/Fax: 604-850-1817

ICMS US contact information:

International Christian Mission Services
726 Cherry St #698

Sumas, WA
Phone/Fax: 604-850-1817

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